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  • Open, maintain and operate the bank account for the administrative and sinking funds
  • Preparation of budgets on which to base forthcoming levies, issuing of levy notices and follow-up of overdue levies
  • Prompt payment of body corporate accounts, receipt and banking of levies and other income
  • Bank reconciliations on a monthly basis, preparation and distribution of financial statements and budgets


  • Accurate, reliable maintenance of the Body Corporate Roll,
  • Maintain and keep all records
  • Make the records available for inspection by lot owners/solicitors etc, preparation of certificates for solicitors
  • Attendance to Body Corporate communications and correspondence
  • Implement the decisions of the Body Corporate and its Committee


  • Organise quotes for Body Corporate maintenance, arrange & send work orders for approved maintenance
  • Follow up work orders sent to have all maintenance up to date, inspections on request of maintenance completed
  • Access to building consultants
  • Inspections of the common property before the annual general meeting


  • Call and attend Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary Meetings & General meetings
  • Preparation of documents and agenda to owners or nominees
  • Record and distribute minutes of the meetings, prompt action to the resolutions of the meetings


  • Deal with insurance matters, working closely with the Body Corporate Insurance Broker
  • Prompt attention to lodging and processing insurance claims
  • Arrange insurance on behalf of the Body Corporate
  • Organise an insurance valuation once every 5 years (or earlier if requested) on behalf of the body corporate

The below diagram is a general outlook of what happens, how, and when for your Body Corporate each year

If you have any queries in relation to your Body Corporate, the end of the financial year, or when your levies are issued or due, please do not hesitate to contact our office.